Family Self-Sufficiency Program

This program is ONLY for current Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) participants.

FSS is a voluntary program to help HCV participants become financially self-sufficient through employment. With the help of the FSS Coordinator, participants work to identify what barriers might be preventing them from becoming more self-sufficient and to lessen the need for public assistance. The goal of the FSS Coordinator is to connect you to the right resources you will need to be on the road to success and to start building a tax-free escrow account! What’s holding you back?

For more information on the FSS Program, contact Emily Hawkins at 440-354-3347 ext. 17.


Who is eligible?

HCV participants whose goal is economic independence through employment are eligible to participate in the FSS program. However, you do not have to be employed at the time you apply for FSS.

What are the benefits to you and your family?

Through the FSS Program, you can develop your job skills and gain the training you need to achieve economic independence. With your coordinator’s assistance you and your family can be linked with the resources you need to achieve short-term and long-term goals.

How does the “FSS Escrow Account” work?

Normally, when income increases and you live in subsidized housing, your rent will increase. However, if you participate in the FSS program and the household earned income increases, the Housing Authority will put a portion of your rent increase into an escrow savings account. When you accomplish your goal of self-sufficiency within the period of your FSS contract, you will graduate and receive the money in your escrow savings account which will have earned interest as well.

How long is the program?

The FSS program is a voluntary, five-year program. In extenuating circumstances, the FSS Coordinator may extend the contract for up to two years to provide extra time to complete your goals. The goal of FSS is to help you move forward and achieve self-sufficiency—reducing or eliminating the need for public assistance.